Live the best of your potential.

"Live the best of your potential" is a book for those personal growth enthusiasts who want to live above average and powerful life.

It is an essential step-by-step guide for individuals who want to get introduced to personal growth and development. It has a collection of some of the core areas of personal growth and development. These topics are the fundamentals which any personal growth enthusiast cannot afford to ignore. Each topic is explained through inspirational quotes, my own personal experience, followed by progress check of reader's understanding of topic and finally advice on further steps to be taken. If read regularly, this book can prove highly effective in developing new mindsets and perspective for living a powerful life. Read more.

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Success At Work.

"Success At Work." eBook, is a collection of topics which are challenging enough for working people. It presents tips and guidelines about how to handle challenges at work to enjoy personal success and growth.

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Seema Bhatnagar
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