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Food is a reflection of culture and it is a significant part of country's heritage. I do not know any country which does not boast of its food heritage. On the same lines, India is incredibly rich in food heritage and presents an unimaginable diversity, in different part of India; people have different tastes and cooking styles. There is a whole range of spectrum of dishes from vegan to non-vegetarian ones.

With the advent of fast food culture all across the globe, countries are losing their food heritage and more and more people are switching to fast food. People no more take pride in eating traditional food; instead prefer on-the-go food. In such times, it is more than ever important that we revive our food culture and encourage people to have healthy and homemade food.

Personal Development and Food

We are what we eat, nobody can deny this fact, but still many of us do not take our food seriously. The cooking style, taste, food preferences and habits speaks volumes about a person. If not enough attention is paid on food, very soon body starts showing symptoms of negligence and diseases starts knocking door untimely.In such situation, one spends maximum time in visiting doctors and health checkups instead of paying attention to other important aspects of life. Does not matter, how much money you have if your health is not in a perfect state, you cannot enjoy this world, for sure.

All over the world, millions of people including children are fighting with obesity, diabetes and cardiac problems. It is simply because of wrong food choices and carelessness towards food aspect.

It is needless to mention, being sentient being we must make the best choices for food which promises health and taste.If your health is in a perfect shape only then you may think of developing yourself further else you will keep struggling with health issues. Personally, I strongly encourage people to pay attention to what they eat because this is such an important aspect that it can impact other areas of personal development.

My Food Blog

I am an art appreciator and a health enthusiast as well. These two sides of mine encourage me to promote food as a form of art and also as an important aspect of personal development. I strongly believe that cooking food and its presentation is another form of performing art, through which people show their knowledge and creativity. Through my food blog, I want to reflect these two sides of mine i.e. spreading knowledge about Indian heritage of food and creating awareness about healthy food.

With an idea of preserving treasure trove of Indian traditional food, I take great pleasure in posting some traditional Indian recipes which have been running in my family since generations. Some of them I have tried several times and some of them I simply know but never tried and have only tasted when my mother prepared them. There are so many dishes about which my grandmother and mother has knowledge but I do not even know their names and I feel, this is how any culture get's diluted over generations. Thanks to my mother and aunts in family who have been enthusiastic about keeping this traditional form of art alive.

I belong to Northern part of India, Delhi (a capital city of India), born and brought up here only, so that gave me the best knowledge of North Indian style of cooking. My mother and father both belong to Northern part of India, so I have seen only North Indian style of cooking since my childhood. My mother,Mrs. Asha Bhatnagar is a great and enthusiastic cook and loves to cook and serve to entire family every day. I and all my other siblings are so habitual of tasty and sumptuous food on daily basis that it is difficult for us to accept any sub optimally prepared food, we are kind of pampered by our mother in context of food. (In India, it is a tradition (not compulsion) to stay with parents until you get married and parents stay with married children. Since I am unmarried, I stay with my mother and other married siblings.). My maternal aunt, Mrs. Krishna Bhatnagar, is a superb cook and is an authority over north Indian style of cooking. My elder sister, Mrs. Reena Saxena, is another enthusiastic cook who loves to cook and serve to friends and family at any time of the day.
In front of these expert personalities, I consider myself insignificant and have least knowledge of this domain. My busyness in studies and job never allowed me to have an opportunity of learning this traditional art but I always tried to pick the nugget of knowledge whenever I could. Many of the recipes posted here, I have collected from my mother, aunt and sister. Being experts, they know the little tweaks and secrets which make the recipes heavenly.

Map for Food section

In Food section, there is a collection of dishes mainly based on North Indian style of cooking. Under the "Traditional Indian Festival" section, only those recipes are listed which are prepared as a part of celebration of some festival. For each recipe listed under here, there is a brief background mentioning its traditional aspect.

"Vegetarian", section lists some special recipes which are prepared on some special occasions like when inviting guests for lunch or dinner or probably sometimes when family want to break the monotony of everyday food. These are again recipes which are tried and tested umpteen times in our kitchen.

"Raw Vegan", section lists recipes which I myself, have experimented and developed to my taste. These are the recipes which I follow during my yearly detoxification regime in the month of February. Recipes here are not Indian traditional they are simply adapted to personal taste.

For future

These sections would be ever evolving for vegetarian dishes based on North Indian style of cooking as I have the best knowledge for this style only. Later on, if I enhance my knowledge about other styles, I will keep them adding to relevant sections. Also, I would be making additions whenever I would find the relevant recipe either by experimenting or something which promises to pamper the taste buds.
With this, let's start our exploration of food culture and health awareness. Click on the relevant recipe given on the right hand side window pane on this page.Keep relishing the delicious food and have a perfect health.

Cheers n joy.

Recipes Collection

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