Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part I

27, Nov, 2013, by Seema Bhatnagar

This is a five part series.
Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part I
Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part II
Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part III
Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part IV
Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part V

self-discipline quote by theodore roosevelt

Great leaders, Olympic winners and successful people share some common qualities which set them apart. Years and years of practice to follow a particular routine without losing enthusiasm and sight of a goal is one of the commonest qualities which all successful people share. Great performances, great monuments, great technologies and great books exist only because certain people lived life with self-discipline. There is no area of life where self-discipline is not required, be it studies, job, relationships, career, personal habits of eating, sleeping or fitness. Its importance is just inexpressible and invaluable.

Self-discipline is reflected in each and every activity that we perform every day, even as little as when conversing to somebody. Each and every little activity that we perform every minute of the day tests our level of self-discipline in life; I do not see any activity where this fact can be denied.

It might sound very pessimistic or negative view, but today, average person lacks self-discipline in thoughts, action and speech irrespective of education, geography, financial status or role in society.

A quick glance around or a quick glance inside will tell you where we all stand in terms of self-discipline. Though we might live in a civilized society where people are supposed to be highly disciplined but the reality paints a different picture. More than ever before, on physical level, a soaring rate of lifestyle related health problems, like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid gland imbalances, cancers etc. clearly reflect the lack of self-discipline in personal food habits and fitness regime. On mental and emotional level, soaring rate of divorces, break-ups, suicides, depressions, road rage and crime against women reflects the lack of self-discipline in adopting personal values.

It might sound very pessimistic or negative view, but today, average person lacks self-discipline in thoughts, action and speech irrespective of education, geography, financial state or role in society.

Are you self-disciplined?

It is worth giving a close look to self and check if you are a self-disciplined individual. Following are some queries, answering them will give you a fair idea if your understanding about self is right or lesser than right and also, it will motivate you enough to read the rest of the post :-). Just be honest with yourself and keep your answer as the first thought which comes after reading the statement.

  1. It is ok yelling if somebody is blaming you for some action.
  2. It is alright to yell, use foul and abusive language if somebody overtakes you while driving.
  3. It is ok to eat out quite often if your job demands and it doesn't matter if food is not healthy enough.
  4. It is perfectly alright to have few extra kgs than what your ideal weight should be.
  5. Feel easily attracted towards opposite gender and put in all efforts to impress him/her.
  6. Think negative or ill of other people for personal gain.
  7. It is ok to visit somebody without prior information and permission.
  8. It is actually being in love with somebody if you feel addicted to sex and sensual pleasure.
  9. It is actually being technology savvy if you feel addicted to social networking websites.
  10. It is perfectly ok to play games and making calls to friends to pass time.
  11. In conversations, it is mostly you who is talking and others are listening.
  12. It is reasonable to litter on public places because it is inconvenient to find garbage bin in vicinity.
  13. It is alright to pee on road side or in bushes.
  14. It is ok to drive beyond specified speed limits and jumping signals because you wanted to reach early to your work.
  15. It is reasonable to postpone appointment or reaching late for it.
  16. Personal interest and convenience are first and foremost and it is fine if it is causing any inconvenience to any.
  17. It is fine to criticize anyone infront of others.
  18. It is fine to jump queue because you are in a hurry.
  19. It is ok to skip taking bath for one or two days in normal and healthy conditions.
  20. It is alright to be dishonest at times, because this is how the whole world works.
  21. It is perfectly alright to spend more than earning and use credit cards if there are already unpaid debts.
  22. It is absolutely fine to yell, reprimand and punish others if others are not listening or doing what you expected from them.
  23. Life means having fun even if it is at the cost of others.
  24. It is alright to make fun of others if they are not upto the mark.
  25. It perfectly healthy constipating for several days in a row.
  26. It is normal to sleep and wake up late.

If your answers are mostly in "Yes", it suggests that you have a lot of scope to develop self-discipline, while a majority "No" indicates, you are reasonably a self-disciplined person but some areas need improvement.

For some, this exercise can act as an eye opener for self-awareness and can motivate enough to develop a new perspective of thinking while for some, it can acts as a reminder of appreciation for following self-discipline in life.

Read Part II here.

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