Procrastination - Part IV - How to overcome?

24, Sept, 2014, by Seema Bhatnagar

sad procrastinator

Procrastination no doubt is damaging from every possible angle and can silently damage career and personal relationships in long run. It projects an image of a careless and irresponsible individual who can't be trusted for any responsible job.

A procrastinator continuously lives with a guilty feeling of task not done with quality and enough efforts. Further, over a period of time it causes a dent in self-confidence and self-esteem. The combined feeling of all these factors makes an individual to feel like a helpless victim, begging mercy and excuses from others.

Considering the amount of damage it can cause, one must think ways to get rid of this habit. Doesn't matter how old or how strong a habit is, it can definitely be altered or dropped altogether, but it needs willingness and strong determination. Following are some tips which can be helpful in overcoming this habit.

Tip#1 - Manage your time.

Learn time management techniques and prioritize tasks at home and work. Plan your day for work and set clear cut priorities for tasks. Read my articles on time management, Beat the clock and check out product that I have designed for effective time management: Task Tracker.

Tip#2 - Enhance your skills.

Learn new and required skills to face difficult tasks. This will help you to feel well-equipped to undertake tasks which otherwise give you fear of failure. Once you learn new skills you would happily face difficult tasks instead of putting them off.

Tip#3 - Leave your perfectionism.

It is good to maintain personal standards about work, but if it reaches to a level when it affects productivity then it must be addressed and steps must be taken to lose your grip over it. Keep it in mind that nothing is perfect, everything evolves over time. Read my article on perfectionism, Are you a perfectionist?.

Tip#4 - Develop your interest.

Find out reasons for lacking interest in any particular task. There could be several reasons, what is the most dominant reason for lacking interest must be dug into. The most likely reason could be a misalignment between aspirations and job in hand. Either you should try to develop interest or seek other areas which suit your interest. Read my article on How to develop interest?.

Tip#5 - Develop goals.

Develop SMART goals and give your best to achieve those. This will not only enhance your confidence but will also help you in developing your control over tasks. Read Goal Management series here, Why you should have goals?.

Tip#6 - Develop self-discipline.

"Don't wait. The time will never be just right." ~ Napoleon Hill

If you feel, putting off task to so and so hour or so and so day will help you in overcoming procrastination, then you are making fool of self - that hour or day never comes for any procrastinator, it is simply an escape from uncomfortable situation. Inculcate self-discipline of doing things NOW. Every instance of putting off gets registered in brain and creates a possibility of converting it in to a habit. Develop a habit of living with awareness about personal actions and behaviours. Read self-discipline series of articles here: Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation.

Tip#7 - Be responsible

Make yourself responsible for the consequences of putting off tasks. An honest view of a situation will give you a fair idea about how procrastinating a particular task can potentially damage your future in several ways. Whatever you are right now or will be in future is based upon what you are doing now, if you are postponing and doing insignificant, then future too will be loaded with too much of insignificant.

Tip#8 - De-stress yourself.

It is essential to figure out those scenarios which trigger your stress buttons. Do not overwork and keep some activities in your routine to de-stress yourself, be it sports, spending time with friends or family. Meditation and Yoga are two sure and proven ways for de-stressing.

Procrastination is a thief of time. ~ Edword Young

Uproot it.

"Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task." ~ William James

There are millions in this world who are struggling to overcome this habit and because of this people are not able to enjoy their life fully and stay in a perpetual state of guilty. It is a kind of illness which engulfs you and doesn't let you breathe and enjoy fully . It makes you feel as if something is always on in the back of mind to be completed. Thought of incompleteness of task or not good- enough keeps the mind occupied and produce unnecessary fatigue to mind.

Overcoming procrastination can transform your life, which means, high levels of personal confidence, super productivity, stress-free life and excellent interpersonal relationships. If you are aspiring for success in life, this habit must be cracked and crushed.

Time is a limited commodity for everybody, with every moment it is getting reduced. Things which you can do now must be done now else you will never get time to do the most important things of life.

Do you know, there are people (I have met them also) who think to an extent of committing suicide because they feel it is impossible to overcome this habit. They don't know that there is a way to overcome it with correct guidance. By the way, if you know anybody who is struggling hard with this habit, kindly help him/her by sharing this series of articles, you never know what works for what or what thought triggers the transforming chain of thoughts. So help others by raising their awareness about this habit. Please don't read between the lines, my objective is not to get my blog ranked first neither I want to be the best life coach, my only wish and honest desire is to create awareness about this problem. So, please don't forget to share.
Thank you.

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