Procrastination - Part II - Reasons for Procrastination.

10, Sept, 2014, by Seema Bhatnagar

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Reasons for procrastination.

When one is blessed with almost all that is required to live a decent life then what could be the compelling reason for falling prey to this habit - this is something must be pondered upon deeply. Since humans are complex entities in aspects of emotions, desire and aspirations, so figuring out right reason for procrastination sounds difficult indeed but exploring different angles of personality can surely give some clues about this habit. Following are some pointers which may help you in reaching the root cause.

1 - Stress

Working continuously in stressful conditions makes you feel fatigued and exhausted, due to that you don't feel enough energy and enthusiasm towards work. Prolonged stressful working conditions make one to procrastinate over small tasks which eventually become a hard habit to break.

This condition is more applicable to people who works more than sixteen hours a day at work and find no time to unwind themselves.

2 - Lack of interest.

Lacking interest is one of the most compelling reasons for procrastination. If you lack interest in any task, it will be a heavy load on your head. There could be several reasons for lacking interest, it could be because of resentment in working environment or your tasks are not aligned with your role or designation and you feel every assignment and responsibility is a burden and worth putting off for some better things in life.

If you are a student, the subject or stream you are pursuing doesn't go well with your ambitions and aspirations then you would find yourself procrastinating. Similarly in every aspect of life, interest has a very significant role to play. Lack of interest is an open invitation to procrastination.

3 - Lack of skills.

Not having required skills for completing a task in hand significantly reduces your interest and you feel less motivated to pursue it and prefer to take up unimportant tasks or something which keeps you away from facing discomfort.

For students, if required skills are not in place they would lose interest which eventually means low grades which further discourages them. For professionals, if required skill for a task is missing, that task would naturally take more time and would be disliked. Lack of skills creates an inertia that stops an individual to jump out of comfort zone.

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4 - Fear of failure.

Not having enough skills, lack of interest leads to low state of confidence that eventually makes you feel fearful of undertaking the task, because underneath there is a fear of failure and fear of facing people. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, you look ways to put off tasks.

5 - Perfectionist paralysis.

Perfection paralysis is a situation, when you think that you do not know enough to start a task and will not start until you know a perfect level of understanding. This mindset makes you to put off task to a point when you feel completely at sea about what to do after losing half of the available time.

6 - Lack of self-discipline.

Not giving enough attention and not giving required amount of attention and awareness to a task results from lack of self-discipline. Lack of self-discipline and not knowing the importance of time and priority of task contributes to a habit of avoiding discomfort and pain of investing efforts and energy in completing a particular task. This essentially means, lacking time management skills. Lacking time management skills means, either everything becomes important or nothing is important. Individual who procrastinate generally swings between these two states.

7 - Old Habit.

Delaying one thing over another is not something which is learnt in a day or two but this gets started during childhood and gets firmed over time. Over the period of time with repeated occurrences, it takes a shape of habit which is hard to break and becomes a part of personality. On repeatedly completing tasks at eleventh hour, mind registers it as a habit and triggers it naturally for every task undertaken.

Yoga and Procrastination

According to Yoga school of thoughts, people who love inactive and lethargic states have tamasic body constitution or qualities because of which they have a tendency to remain in lethargic state or inertia. People with tamasic constitution simply love to sleep and eat more, do not enjoy activities which push them into action. Their favorite activities would be idleness, eating, drinking, sleeping or sex indulgence. In Yogic world, tamasic constitution is considered equivalent to having darkness and ignorance about living life.

Procrastination is also a state in which an individual simply love to be in an inactive state or inertia and chooses activities which are mentally and physically less taxing.

All schools of Yoga, have placed great emphasis on the fact that individual must overcome tamasic tendencies in order to achieve personal growth.

Living with this habit is very suffocating and is no lesser than a suffering as it impedes personal growth by denting your confidence and motivation in life. If you are suffering with this habit for long, probably childhood, then it is high time now that you must dive deep into figuring out the root cause of this habit else you are wasting time and energy over activities which will take you away from your success. Once you know the root cause, it will be easier for you to nail it down and you would be able to live a more powerful life.

A quick exercise

- Observe yourself whenever you are about to put off your task. Ask WHY you are putting off this task and write down all the reasons which you are giving to yourself. This is a powerful exercise that will create awareness about your habit of procrastination.

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