Life with purpose

2 May, 2011, by Seema Bhatnagar

purpose from Napolean Hill


Do you feel yourself in doldrums and do not feel any excitement and enthusiasm about life.Sometimes you feel as if you have everything but still it feels so helpless and out of control about life. You have a feeling as if some force is there which is driving you like a machine.You want to do lot of things but the lack of energy is dragging you behind. You wonder at others about how they do things naturally when you have to spend double energy for the same task. Do you feel connected to these feelings?

Majority of us are so occupied with our work and personal responsibilities that we remain ignorant about our purpose and we live our life just to spend another day in hope of seeing the next day or let’s put it in another way, we simply live to pay our monthly bills and to save enough to go for a vacation or to buy a new branded clothes or to eat out in good restaurants. Since all these pleasures are short lived, one eventually starts feeling as if life is meaningless and there is a constant drain of energy.

Since we humans are complex entities, finding a life purpose is possibly the most difficult task for us, though it sounds extremely simple :D. People who have strong sense of purpose in their life, lives more enthusiastically and zestfully.They live their best life since they utilize their natural talents and strengths.

Life Purpose and Society

The noblest goal in life is eudaemonia: Striving toward excellence based on one's unique talents and potential. - Aristotle

We all are so conditioned with our upbringing and education that we unknowingly accept the things which we do not enjoy or which do not help us to live a happy life. In the process of acceptance we forget that we have some larger purpose in our life than simply spending years to have more grey hair. Each one of us is wired to enjoy different things and each one has different purpose in life. That unique purpose which is wired in us is a powerful force which drives us in all our endeavors of life. This force is so strong that it helps an individual to become self-reliant and drive to overcome all obstacles and hurdles which comes in the path of fulfilling purpose.

The dictionary definition of word Purpose is, "Determination; resolution". Person who has a determination and resolution to achieve something in life using natural talents and strengths and enjoying inner peace and harmony is leading a life of purpose.
Since we humans are complex entities, finding a life purpose is possibly the most difficult task for us, though it sounds extremely simple :D. People, those who have strong sense of purpose in their life, live more enthusiastically and zestfully.They live their best life since they utilize their natural talents and strengths.

My Personal Experience

I used to feel life as a burden when I was doing a 9-9 job, I used to commute every day for 4-5 hours between my home and office and doing the same repetitive tasks (which lacks creativity) with same people, same environment with no excitement and mental stimulation. I used to feel like as if I am travelling in a ship which is not moving at all and I am spending my life sitting in this ship. Every day, I used to ask myself, why am I going to office and till when it for eternity.. :sad: ? What would happen, when would I stop going to office or something will change. I wasn't feeling any energy and enthusiasm in my life. In fact, my busy and hectic schedule did not give me the luxury of time to even think about what actually a life purpose is all about. On any regular day of life I used to feel myself completely neck deep in doing mundane tasks.I had a constant feeling that I am working against self. It was like driving a car in any direction without having idea about destination.

After leaving my job and understanding the purpose of my life, I have felt a great flow of energy in myself and my determination and resolution power has also got doubled. Now, I am more willing to handle complex tasks in comparison to past. I do not feel easily distracted from my path and purpose and constantly seek different ways to explore avenues to fulfill my life purpose.

The Downside

I am not trying to discourage, but the fact is, on finding a purpose, living it is equally difficult since we live in a materialistic, formula driven society where one is expected to live up to expectation of others. The usual success parameters are money, highly paid job, luxurious life, branded clothes and to drive costly cars. The accumulation culture does not give us a chance to look deeper inside and does not permit us to be self. Having money and earning lot of money is not bad but when money is not fulfilling it's purpose of providing a happy, harmonious and peaceful life then possessing it does not mean much.

Living your purpose might make you a bit inept for society since living your purpose might not bring you an assured sum of money at the end of every month, you might have to face lot of failures or obstacles.People might not take you seriously and may make you feel down and low.

Though it is difficult to tell what is the exercise which can help an individual to find a purpose in life since we all are unique and what works for one might not work for other. Based on my experience, I am sharing few tips which worked for me, it might be helpful for you as well.

Tips to find a purpose in life

Remember, reaching to your life purpose is an uphill task which needs constant experimentation and require courage to start afresh from failures. So, do not be afraid of obstacles and criticism in life, consider them as if they are building your muscles to handle success. :-). Go and muster a courage to live your life of purpose, you will start loving your life and people more.


Seema Bhatnagar
, Blogger, Writer, Life Coach and Founder of Abundance Thinkers, site for personal growth and development. Empowering people in achieving and living the best of personal potential.

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