Million reasons to feel grateful for.

1, Nov, 2013, by Seema Bhatnagar

gratitude quote from Aesop

As an infant, we didn't know much and were just in the lap of nature. Had there been no support, we wouldn't have been living at this moment. Don't you feel this is the greatest reason to feel grateful for? You might wonder, to whom we should feel grateful. Well, it is not just one person but to all forces of this universe which provided their support and helped us to reach this level. Gradually, each one of us was smoothly included as a part of nature. Mind it, this all was given to us when we never prayed or asked for. Not just this, there are so many other reasons and things for which a feeling of gratitude naturally surfaces.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. ~ Melody Beattie

As per Hinduism, one should feel grateful towards everything which is there in nature, because nature is our Mother and sustains us since birth till death. The fire, the air, the water, the earth, the sky are the basic five elements( called as panchmahabhoota in Ayurveda) out of which each and every thing of this universe is derived. With this as a basic understanding, Hindus revere every object of nature. Every object and being of nature is revered, just for the simple reason that only because of them we are living today. For example, the Sun, which is considered as a source of light, devout Hindus revered it every day by offering water and prayer in the morning. A special practice in Yoga, called as Surya Namaskar is a way to pay deep reverence.

On a deeper enquiry, it suggests that everything in universe is connected to each other so one should feel grateful for this infinite linked chain working in a perfect harmony.

If you are able to read this blog post, there are probably million reasons for you to feel grateful for, starting from your birth till this moment. Any list would prove incomplete as each one us has different reasons to feel grateful for.

Personally, I am a person who feels grateful for everything in life. Even if there was something which didn't happen in my favor, I look something positive in it to feel grateful for. I have only one thought which keeps me going "Everything happens for good", doesn't matter what it is because in every action there is a scheme of nature through which everything is driven.

Myself being a nature lover, I don't get tired of appreciating it's every act, even if it is a calamity, because nature works with a perfect logic to support growth. Sometime I feel amazed at the non-stop beating of heart, the inner voice which nobody can listen, the silent growth of hair, nails and skin, all this is happening without any external intervention. Isn't it a miracle?

Every day, I feel grateful for something which happened yesterday. In my worships and prayers during meditation, I extend my gratitude for everything given to me and feel grateful for reaching a point in life where I am right now. I extend my gratitude to that higher power, the force which governs each and every small action taking place around us. In a common language that higher power is called God, really doesn't matter what we call it, but it is only because of this we all are alive today, so let's be grateful for that higher power.

If you are able to read this blog post, there are probably million reasons for you to feel grateful for, starting from your birth till this moment. Any list would prove incomplete as each one of us has different reasons to feel grateful for.

Let's extend our gratitude for some 51 reasons which I feel are common for all of us, but again this is just a starting point and you may extend it to infinity.

The idea behind being grateful is that it makes you realize that you are so rich in many aspects as compared to others. Perhaps comparison might not sound as a nice idea, but from a different perspective you can think that there are several things which could go wrong but went well and you have reached to a point where you are right now. Just think, if any event in your life had not gone the way it happened, you would realize how life would have changed completely for you.

Join me and let's be grateful for following reasons:

  1. You are alive and can see the beauty of this universe.
  2. All your sense organs are working perfectly.
  3. Got the love of your parents and they are still around to bless you. Because, millions become orphan at birth itself.
  4. You can read and write. Because there are millions who are illiterate and never get opportunity to go to school.
  5. You have a nice home to live in and good food to eat. There are millions who are homeless and sometime they have to live and sleep with hunger.
  6. You have siblings with whom you can share the sweet moments of childhood and can talk about the sweet memories of staying under the same roof.
  7. You have somebody who genuinely loves you.
  8. You have money to spend on things which are not essential for your living or you can afford simple luxuries of life.
  9. You have a life partner to share emotions and love.
  10. You have well paid job because of which you are able to sustain.
  11. You can afford to have three decent meals every day. There are millions who survive only on a single meal per day.
  12. You are able to enjoy luxury of technology. Cell phones, desktops, laptops and palmtops have made communication and computing incredibly easier, now distance has reduced from kms to kilobytes.:-)
  13. You are free from any disease or illness.
  14. Able to breathe fresh air. There are millions who stay in slums.
  15. Have basic amenities of life. There are millions who do not have even drinking water and toilets at home.
  16. Have no addictions. There are millions who have become addicts to drugs, smoking, pornography, sex and internet.
  17. You have friends to share feelings and to have fun with.
  18. You have reasons and occasions to celebrate in life.
  19. You have a capacity to think and act. There are millions who are unfortunate and born with mental and physical disorders or develop it during early age.
  20. You have dreams to pursue.
  21. You have an understanding boss and peers at work.
  22. You are not dependant on others for basic activities of life.
  23. You have a family to get support and sharing problems in difficult times.
  24. You have some struggles and problems in life, otherwise life would become dull and your thinking faculties will remain unused.
  25. You have a possibility and an ability to improve self.
  26. People, who are working in agriculture and growing food for us. Imagine, if they also decide to move to cities.
  27. Sun is giving its light and making life possible for each one of us. This is a fundamental reason for which devout Hindus pay special reverence to Sun by offering water and Surya Namaskar every day.
  28. There are people in this world who still believe in honesty and hard work, and extending help towards fellow human beings.
  29. Nature presents equal opportunity for all of us to grow and thrive. Imagine, if nature had decided to give light and air based on our physical features. The laws of nature works equally on all, irrespective of gender, caste, creed or geography.
  30. There are people who are selflessly working for the upliftment of society.
  31. There are people who left a mark in history and showed us path to follow.
  32. There are great inventions and discoveries which have transformed our lives.
  33. There are people who are working on themselves for personal growth and giving back goodness to society.
  34. For mother, who gifted us life.
  35. For father, who contributed to the possibility of our life and played an important role in our upbringing.
  36. There are beautiful colors and we have eyes to see and mind to appreciate them.
  37. There is a diversity of food and our ability to experience variety of tastes (Sweet, Salty, Sour, Pungent, Astringent and Bitter).
  38. Those who fought for downtrodden and brought new dawn of freedom to lives of millions, for example, M.K Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi.
  39. Teachers and leaders in our life who have been inspirational for us.
  40. Those people who had courage to think different and had a vision to bring technical revolutions e.g. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Job, just few names. Their vision has changed the shape of this world.
  41. Those historical personalities who thought of constructing great monuments, to show us the marvels of architecture.
  42. Wonderful people who are not even related to us became reason for happiness and cheerfulness in our life in some way.
  43. Abundant opportunities for us to grow in life.
  44. Power of expression (language, body language, symbols) to interact with others.
  45. Free from any mental illness because many healthy looking people suffer with some mental illness due to stress and anxiety.
  46. You can laugh together because many people have forgotten to laugh and spending their maximum time on regretting over things.

Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy. ~ Jacques Maritain

  48. Small comforts and luxuries in life as little as sipping a cup of coffee or tea with peaceful mind.
  49. Those who give us opportunity to help them. This in turn makes us happy.
  50. You have your own kids to play with.
  51. Each one of us is unique and have chosen different careers to pursue. Just think, if everybody had chosen the same career.
  52. People who took up those menial jobs which many of us would look down upon, like toilet cleaners, sweepers, and rag pickers etc. They are doing incredible jobs of keeping the cities clean. I pay my special respect and honour to such people because without them we could not have pursued what we pursuing today.

Have your own million reasons.

After reading the list, you might regret that I do not have this or that reason in my life to feel grateful for, but I suggest you to look for more reasons in your own life which are not listed here, there might be many more. Instead of focusing on "not have", push yourself you to think for what you have in your life at this very moment which is improving the quality and productivity in life.

This list is an incomplete one. The main purpose behind this list is to get you started to have your own list of gratitude. You may start thinking what else is there in your life for which you must feel grateful for. Make it as long as long as possible, an infinite one. Do not overlook the importance of tiny acts or things around you because only those keep you connected with life. Check out an interesting site through which you can maintain your daily gratitude log,

Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you. ~ Eileen Caddy

Try to develop a practice of gratitude in your daily routine, you may pick up any area of life, explore it and seek reasons and facts for which you must feel grateful. Doing this would help you to develop an attitude of gratitude and would transform you in a person who feel connected with others and appreciate how each and everything is connected in this universe.

May you have million reasons in your life to feel grateful for.

With peace and love.

Seema Bhatnagar
, Blogger, Writer, Life Coach and Founder of Abundance Thinkers, site for personal growth and development. Empowering people in achieving and living the best of personal potential.

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