6 Jan 2012, by Seema Bhatnagar

This is a part VI of seven part series of Goals setting and achievement.

  1. Part I, Why you should have goals?
  2. Part II, Frameworks for setting and achieving goals.
  3. Part III, Initiation
  4. Part IV, Planning
  5. Part V, Execution
  6. Part VI, Controlling
  7. Part VII, Learning

What is controlling?

Life is a constant stream of change. Expect the unexpected at every step. Changing circumstances may make it impossible for you to stick to your original plan. Controlling is a phase which helps you to accommodate the changes or anything unexpected arrived in your way while achieving your goals.

controlling of goals

This is a phase which actually lubricates your complete goal setting and helps you to understand if you are really getting the desired results and it also tells you where to stop and where to adjust your goal plan. Whatever factors which are hampering your progress and not facilitating you to meet your goals can be addressed here.

Review your progress

Anything which is not measured does not give the right picture of progress. Imagine, if big companies do not measure their quarterly progress then how they will understand if the chosen strategy is working and producing the desired results. In the absence of any measurement, probably, at the end of the year, the company would realize that they chose the wrong marketing strategy which doomed their sale and incurred heavy losses. So, it is wise to review the progress periodically to ensure that chosen strategy and plan are in alignment and are producing the desired results.

Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps.-Saul Bellow

According to one study, not all projects are finished on decided timelines and they either took more time or got scrapped. In fact, there is no such plan exists which gets executed in its originality. Any plan, simply provides a direction and focus for goals. But this does not mean that I am encouraging you to go lenient on your timelines. What I want to drive home is that not meeting your timelines should not make you feel disheartened or make you feel as a loser.
Periodic review and measure of your progress is must for achieving your goals. It will give you the right picture where you stand currently and how far you have to go. In case, if you feel that the results are not as per expectations or as per your plans then it is a high time you take control of it.

Let's see how you can control any delay in meeting your goal plans. Let's take our previous example of getting up early as a part of your fitness regime. You feel that you are frequently missing on getting up early in the morning and it is absolutely not going well with you. Here, your first attempt could be modify the earlier decided timeline. You may try a new timing (instead if 5:00 am, may be 5:30 am) and may check if new timing works for you. Similarly, suitable to your goal context you may adjust here and there to see what works for you. The idea is to enjoy the goal achievement journey not to constantly feel guilty of not meeting decided timelines.

Following are some guidelines which you can apply to control your plan and overall to keep yourself sufficiently motivated.

  1. Identify roadblocks

    Try to identify what are those factors which are hampering your progress. Probably goal plan is coinciding with your other prioritized activity which has recently arrived in your To Do List? It is that, this goal is no more an important goal and something else has taken more importance in your life. You must assess your priorities once again and realign your goals to keep yourself back on track.

  2. Remind yourself of strategy

    Revisit your strategy which you initially thought to follow during the planning stage. Probably, you are not sticking to your strategy well and hence losing your momentum. Revisiting your strategy means, look if there is anything which you would like to add or modify in strategy. Probably, of late you have gained a new knowledge which you could not include at the planning stage. Applying this new knowledge could make your goal achievement far easier. Similarly, one of your friends has shared some information which you would like to include in your strategy now.
    It is not about modifying your strategy altogether it is more about making your strategy more robust which you can follow with full confidence and ease. Many a times it happens that what initially was thought about does not prove as the best solution so it is always better to rethink and redesign what works for your goal achievement.

  3. Remind your objective and goal

    Perhaps, you need to modify your goal altogether. For example, if you are feeling that you are not able to keep control on your diet than and do not think that you will be able to lose the weight in desired timelines then modify your goals. Rather than keep extending your timelines it is better to bring a change in your goal. So instead of losing 3 kg in 2 weeks may be you can replan and says I will lose 2 kg in 2 weeks. Making goal easier to achieve will give you required dose of motivation and will keep you going.

  4. Consult experts and experienced
  5. If you have explored all the possible avenues and still you are not able to achieve desired results then it is better to consult an expert of that field to get advice on how to get the best results. Sometimes, the fresh pair of eyes brings a whole new perspective which you never imagined before but it really fits in your context. So find out the right and relevant people in your circle of friends and acquaintances or you may contact professional experts in that particular field. For example, if you have tried all possible ways to control your weight but not getting the desired results then check the professional dietician or consultant who can prescribe the right diet according to your weight, height and lifestyle.

  6. Celebrate progress
  7. Your each and every effort towards goal achievement is important and you must celebrate your progress for achieving your milestone. Celebrating means reward yourself in some way so that you gain more confidence and motivation for accomplishing more and more. Choose your own way of celebrating things, chose the one which you like and love most.

Believe me, nothing comes out perfect in first attempt there is always a need for rethinking and redesigning. So keep going and try to analyze where you need an improvement and how you can manage yourself better to achieve your goals.

In next post, we will discuss about the learning phase, which will be the last post of this series.

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