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This is a part V of seven part series of Goals setting and achievement.

  1. Part I, Why you should have goals?
  2. Part II, Frameworks for setting and achieving goals.
  3. Part III, Initiation
  4. Part IV, Planning
  5. Part V, Execution
  6. Part VI, Controlling
  7. Part VII, Learning

What is Goal Execution?

"A really great talent finds its happiness in execution."~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This is a phase where you put your tasks into action. After initiating, strategizing your goals and attaching timelines, now it is time to take action. A plan without action is a car without wheels, there has to be an action to your plan.
While going through an execution phase, there may be times when things will not move as per your plan. You might feel like procrastinating things or you might lose the enthusiasm with which you started your tasks initially. Many a times you would see yourself deviating from your plan. There could be many reasons for not able to actually sticking to timelines, may be you are feeling lethargic, or you did not think through your goals or actually you are not able to appreciate your goal anymore and thinking that it has lost its value now.

goals execution

Probably, you know what you want but the hurdles and roadblocks are putting you off. For example, your goal is, to keep yourself fit and for that you set a goal to get up early at 5:00 am and to go out for jogging, but now you are feeling a bit lethargic and not active enough to get up at 5:00 am in the morning. This could be because you set up unrealistic timelines for yourself and could not push yourself anymore to do it. Now, you are cursing yourself for setting up a goal and a feeling of distrust starts building up inside.

Personally, I have seen myself setting up my goals very enthusiastically but when it actually comes to execution or to get into action, I feel little lost or sometimes I start questioning myself about why did I set this goal when I could not fulfil my promise to myself.

But this is also true that if you keep planning and initiating goals and do not put them into action, you will never be able to understand where do you stand and how much more you have to achieve and what are the opportunities you are losing.

My Personal Experience with Goal Execution

Swimming is something which I really enjoy and always find it amazing how water helps our body to swim across itself without causing any resistance. Whenever I am watching Olympics or any other sports events, I always find myself attracted to swimming. I always wanted to learn swimming since my childhood. I used to feel very much inspired and energized when my father used to swim in deep water of Yamuna (a river flows in the northern part of India). He helped me many a times to swim but every time I could not balance my body and found myself drowning.

After a gap of decades when I went to stay and work in Switzerland (through my company) for at least two years, I again felt attracted to swimming. In Switzerland, people enjoy swimming alot and it is one of the most favourite exercises to keep themselves fit.

Since swimming is something very dear to me, I again started learning swimming in the indoor swimming pool near to my house. Since I did not have any strategy and I only had a goal, so again I met with the same set of results. Even when I tried in kid's pool I found myself drowning and I felt like as if I was making a fool of myself in front of all kids there. All kids were enjoying with water and poor me was trying to balance my body, and after making just one body stroke I was finding msyelf drowning in 4.5 ft deep water. I even hired a coach and took lessons, she advised me to practise hard to learn it fast. She tried her best to teach me but again I was in the same situation. I even changed the swimming pool and tried in some other pool, this was just to give myself a morale boost, but really, nothing helped.

Then after several years, only last year when I left my job, I had ample personal time, so I decided to join swimming once again and to learn it finally. This time, my goal was accompanied with a solid strategy. There was a coach, who helped me and then I took lessons through YouTube videos, studied some online material. Since I had a previous experience of failing, so while reading and watching, I specifically focused on learning the techniques of balancing a body.
I saw Michael Phelps videos and subscribe to other YouTube video tutorials and checked all styles starting with freestyle of swimming. Before going for a class I used to watch videos and then used to practise it while swimming in a pool. When I started practising, I found myself in the same state of drowning myself, but after practising for almost a week, to my surprise, one day I could balance my body and I could swim. I was so happy to see that I can swim now. Though for many of you, it might be a very funny thing to know but for me it is a personal achievement.
I could make it possible with my solid plan, strategy and execution. Execution and strategy played a very important role here, as my constant failure could have proved my biggest road block but my execution spirit helped me keep going and I could enjoy the fruits of my labour. Now, I am quite confident of swimming in 20 meters deep water and now my goal is to first swim in a river and then in a sea, but these are distant goals.

Mindset for execution

Here are certain mindsets or thoughts which you can adopt while passing through execution phase for your goals.

  1. Manifestation of your dreams and desires
  2. Think of execution as if you are giving shapes to your dreams and desires and building trust with yourself. Enough of planning and strategizing, now it is a time to see your dreams coming to life. Without taking action, your life will never move ahead, action is an important starting point of many big successes of life.

  3. Welcome hurdles
  4. An idea can be as flawless as can be, but its execution will always be full of mistakes. ~Brent Scowcroft

    No matter, how hard you strategize and plan, there might be some times when you would find yourself struggling with some hurdle. This is completely alright. Let hurdles comes in and they will help you in understanding yourself better.
    With every hurdle or roadblock, you will understand how close and dear your goal is to you. If you overcome hurdle this time you will be more confident and strong next time.
    Personally, I simply believe that every failure is an opportunity to learn. So there is no failure at all. Actually, failure is something really positive, until and unless you fail, you will not realize how important that particular task is for you and how strong your determination is to get it.

  5. Remind yourself of your objectives and goals
  6. To keep yourself motivated enough it is essential to constantly keep reminding yourself about the objective of your goal, what was that driving factor which made you to set that goal. Which of your dreams are getting manifested if you complete this particular goal?
    Probably, you wanted to become the best professional wildlife photographer and for that, you set a goal to visit wildlife century early morning to take some early morning shots of animals but probably getting up early is becoming a hurdle for you and this is making you to forget your main goal.
    To make the constant goal reminder convenient, paste the pictures of your goals in your environment, in your room, office desk, on bathroom mirror or wherever possible. The idea here is to constantly remind yourself about your aspirations and goals in life.

  7. Have a positive frame of mind
  8. Your positivity and determination to accomplish your goals are essential ingredients to keep you going when the going is tough. If you could overcome the resistance here you have half bagged the goal. Majority people lose the battle at this phase and then start all over again and this loop continues endlessly.

  9. Talk to friends
  10. Enjoy your goals in action more by informing your friends, relatives or whoever you think can lend you an ear for your excitement of getting into action. Sharing your excietment or may be discussing your hurdle with others may sometimes can give you an excellent idea. So, do not hesitate and tell everybody you feel friendly with, about your excitement.

In the next post, we will discuss Controlling phase, which is about getting in control of any deviation.
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