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This is a part III of seven part series of Goals setting and achievement.

  1. Part I, Why you should have goals?
  2. Part II, Frameworks for setting and achieving goals.
  3. Part III, Initiation
  4. Part IV, Planning
  5. Part V, Execution
  6. Part VI, Controlling
  7. Part VII, Learning

What is initiation?

The starting or beginning of anything brings a new level of enthusiasm in us and we feel energetic to get into action. Many a times, when you started your goals you must have felt a new level of energy inside you. Goals, which pump in energy, are actually goals which are really dear to you and you do not merely want to accomplish them but somewhere you are deeply connected to them.

Initiation is a phase where you think about the goals which are dear to you and you want to achieve those to become your best self or to live the best of your potential.

start goals

Initiation is the starting point or the first phase for goal setting and achievement. It is important to spend maximum time in this phase as this is a foundation for your goals achievement journey. Following are some guidelines given which can be helpful for you while initiating goals.

Small and Big Goals

There could be many goals as small as making phone call to a friend or as big as like setting up your own business. You might have a big list of goals which you want to achieve but if you give a close look to the list, you would find that some of the goals are the key goals and achieving those will give you maximum happiness. The other small goals might be the goals which will take you closer to your big goals. So pick your key goals first, instead of running through all your goals.

Aligned to Life purpose

It absolutely feels awesome to start with some goal, but you should give a serious thought before embarking on your goals, I am not trying to discourage but sometime we set goals to please or impress others, such goals initially feel very interesting and exciting but very soon will lose their sheen. If your goals are aligned with your life purpose and vision of life then you would really enjoy accomplishing them, in fact, accomplishing them would be an interesting and exciting experience for you, otherwise it is highly likely that you would deviate in the middle of the journey of achieving your goals and would feel discouraged from setting goals in future.
If you still have not found your life purpose then I would highly encourage you to give a thought to find your life purpose and then embark on your goals.

Do not feel tempted

Many of you would feel tempted to make goals which your friends/relatives made and could accomplish them successfully. For example one of your friends made lot of money by selling 500 copies of his book, on hearing this you also felt tempted and set a goal for yourself to write a book to earn money. But probably if you did not have required skills to write a book and you simply embarked on the goal of writing a book, you would lose the motivation and would soon find yourself failing in meeting your goal.
It is not bad idea to get inspired by others but if you do not have the required skill set to achieve that particular goal then achieving it would be a burden for you. Goals which are not matching your interest, skills and values are not worth pursuing; in fact pursuing them is a waste of your precious energy.
So it is equally essential for you to understand your personal values, interests while describing and setting goals for yourself. It should not happen that not achieving goals leave a dent on your confidence and you feel discouraged to set goals in future.

Be clear with what you want

Setting goals means you should be completely clear of what you want or expect from yourself. The more detail you provide, the more your consciousness will support you in achieving your goals. Write down each and every goal you want to achieve and the outcome of each goal. Do not worry about the complexity or the obstacles involved, what is important here is to think about the goals in depth.

Make measurable goals

Your goals should be measurable enough which means you should be able to understand if you have really achieved what you wanted as an outcome of your goal. For example Instead of setting a goal of reading maximum books in coming books you should set a goal of reading 10 books in three months, which is quiet measureable. Also, by the end of 1st month you should be able to count how many books you have read so far.
Similarly define any goal in any area of life, make sure it is measureable in some way and not at all vague.

Plan for BHAGs

Pronounced as B-Hag, Jim Collins popularized the notion of a BHAG(Big Hairy Audacious Goal) with his research in "Built To Last:" a study of corporations who excelled over a long period of time. They used BHAG's to inspire their organizations to new heights. BHAGs are considered as stretch goals and sound almost impossible to achieve on hearing for the first time. These goals, in fact make you to think about your potential or abilities which probably you are not aware of. If you are thinking that setting BHAG could be discouraging because of the sense of impossibility or impracticality attached to it, then please think again. Your BHAGs should be motivating and inspiring for you as setting small goals might not be so inspiring. Also, initiation is a phase where you simply think about what you want to achieve rather than how to achieve or to handle any obstacle or problem. Good examples of BHAG could be, I want to write the best seller this year, I want to win the best CEO award for this year. Similarly, there might be many more such examples specific to your context.

Get Motivated

To get a motivation and positive energy before starting your goal, try to answer below given questions:

  1. Why do I want to achieve this goal?
  2. What if I do not get the required results?
  3. What if I do not set this goal at all?
  4. How accomplishing this goal will change my life?
Answering these questions will help you in bringing clarity of mind and you would feel more connected to your goal. Do you know, many projects fail because involved team members are not clear with the goal for which they are working? This is due the fact that involved people or team members are not on the same page and they have their own definition of goals and their outcome, which results in failure of the project. So, it is one of the key responsibilities of the project manager to define and refine the goals description to each and every team member and stakeholder of a project.
In case of personal goals, since you are a project manager for yourself and driving and managing your life, it is important for you to define the goals to yourself in detail.
Try to figure out reasons for which you want to achieve these goals.
Gather all possible reasons for setting and achieving your goal, I am sure you would not only be successful in accomplishing your goals but would also experience a new level of confidence and enthusiasm inside you.

Remain Positive

Keep yourself positive about achieving your goals. Reflect positivity in your statements while defining your goals. For example instead of saying "I want to recover from illness" say "I want positive health", similarly instead of saying "I do not want to look fat" say "I want to look smart and attractive". When you start thinking positive about your goals all events, people and actions will seem favourable to you.
Each and every positive statement leaves a mark on your conscious and you tend to feel more positive in every activity you perform.

Periodic Review

There could be many goals which could take longer time to achieve so it becomes important to review them periodically so that you do not lose the sight of your goals. The good idea could be to paste your goals on the places which you frequently visit may be your office desk, working desk at home, or kitchen.
Also, over the period of time, you might have certain goals which you do not feel relevant any more as your life purpose changes or you feel more evolved after having some experiences in life. So take a good review of your goals and see if you still feel that enthusiasm and energy when you think about them.

In the next post we will explore more about how to go about planning your goals. Happy initiating goals.

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