Karva Chauth - Celebration of love - (Celebration series - Part 3)

1, Nov, 2012, by Seema Bhatnagar

Here is a next blog post in Celebration Series, this time, it is about celebration of love. Love, the strongest power on earth which bonds people together. People establish relationships to experience love and blissfulness, without the bonds of love, relationships are brittle and fragile.

Marriage, one of the most sacred relationships, brings two individuals together to share life and unconditional love for each other. According to Hinduism, this sacred relationship continues for several births.

* The picture above has a special significance. Red and yellow colors are the most auspicious colors during marriage celebrations and other festivals of Hindus. The symbol "Swastika" signifies the continuity of life and considered as the most auspicious symbol for happiness and prosperity at home.

Karva Chauth, this year, falling on Fri, 2nd Nov, 2012, is a festival to celebrate the bond of love between husband and wife. According to Hindu folklore, the power of love between husband and wife is so strong that it melted the heart of God, who once again granted the fresh lease of life to a dead husband of a woman, who spent a year keeping the head of her dead husband in her lap, praying day and night with pure devotion and love for his revival.

To celebrate it, wives observe fast for a day, a fast, without water and food, and pray for the long life of husband and a happy married life ahead. Later in the evening, womenfolks along with husbands, worship moon with offerings of water and sweets and break their fast by drinking water and eating some sweets. It is an occasion which reminds married couples about the power and strength of their bonds of love and mutual trust.

It can also be called as a soft Indian version of Valentine's Day.

How come it is related to Personal Development?

Relationships are one of the most important aspects of personal development. I feel, through relationships, you get to know yourself better. If you are married or into any relationship, you would very well understand the emotional closeness and bond of love and trust you share with your partner. This is a relationship in which two individuals come together in a spirit of love to understand and accept each other ignoring each other's faults and flaws.

I believe, this is the only relationship which is emotionally energizing and brings emotional maturity to two individuals. It helps in learning to love the flaws of partner and in accepting each other unconditionally. On the note for personal growth and development, it helps in developing a personal power of tolerance, love and understanding towards partner. Becoming an understanding partner is in itself a one step forward towards living the best of personal potential.

Enjoy the celebration, not just gifts, also spend quality time with your spouse and remind each other the cheerful moments spent together and how together you have been a pillar of strength during testing times. In all awareness, simply accept all the flaws of your spouse and feel the power of acceptance and love growing in you and in your relationship. No matter, even if you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, this occasion gives you another opportunity to accept each other ignoring faults and flaws and once again coming together in a spirit of love. Just celebrate Karva Chauth in a perfect spirit of personal development.

Wishing you bonds of trust and love for a happy married life. May your married life be filled with love and bliss.

With heartiest wishes and love.
image©Seema Bhatnagar Bhatnagar

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