Power of Abundance Thinking

23, April, 2012, by Seema Bhatnagar

When you hear a word "Abundance", what picture comes to your mind? Do you see a picture with something unlimited, no boundaries or something which you cannot count? Probably, the word "Abundance" reminds you of universe which has no boundaries and is limitless. Whatever you see, you feel the limitlessness.

sky with stars is an expression of abundance.

Are you an abundance thinker?

  1. Do you sometimes feel that you should not share your contacts and links with others so that others do not take any advantage?
  2. Do you sometimes feel that you have done something creative and you must not share with others because others might copy it?
  3. Do you sometimes feel scared of your competitors?
  4. Do you sometimes feel that you will lose your money shortly if you spend on something you love?
  5. Do you sometimes feel that people are working against you?
  6. Do you sometimes feel that you must eat as much as you can as you do not know if anything will be left for you?

Our society and media constantly focus on the lack and make us to feel fearful and uncertain about the future. All advertisements on TV, makes you feel as if you are lacking something and if you buy that product, your life will be full of happiness, which changes our focus from "what we have" to "what we lack", which constantly reminds you that you are not happy until you get that and subconsciously it becomes a habit and strong belief system.

If you have answered "Yes" to many of the above questions then you are "NOT" an abundance thinker but a scarcity thinker. If you look closely to statements you answered, there is a hidden feeling of insecurity and lack of opportunities.

In scarcity thinking, the whole focus is on the "lack". You constantly feel that if you do not grab this opportunity now then somebody else will grab it and you will be a loser or probably a victim of circumstances. There is a constant fear and insecurity about the opportunities and people around you.

No matter how much you possess there is a constant fear of losing it and there is an uncertainty about future and as a result you act like a hoarder. In a nutshell, the mindset becomes "more is less". No wonder, because of childhood and societal conditioning you would strongly advocate scarcity thinking, considering it as a practical approach in times of recession and economic downturn or when you are experiencing negativity in life. In fact, scarcity thinking has become our default thinking and to think anything else feels stupid and weird.

Our society and media constantly focus on the lack and make us to feel fearful and uncertain about the future. All advertisements on TV, make you feel as if you are lacking something and if you buy that product, your life will be full of happiness, which changes our focus from "what we have" to "what we lack", which constantly reminds you that you are not happy until you get that and subconsciously it becomes a habit and strong belief system.

Abundance is, in large part, an attitude. ~Sue Patton Thoele

In opposite to scarcity thinking, Abundance thinking is a mindset when you feel there are limitless possibilities and opportunities. Here, the main focus is on what you already have. There is a constant assertive appreciation or gratitude for what you already have and the focus changes from "Lack" to "Have"

It is also called as a "zero expectation" thinking which means you have no expectations and whatever you are receiving in life is a bonus for you, whether it is money, relationship or job/career etc. Your focus is more on what you have rather than what you do not have. With this mindset, you have already given yourself a kind of assurance and confidence that you are already in a possession of some part of success and with more efforts you will get more success. This thought provides you power and strength and you feel more empowered, but the moment you are focusing on the lack, your thinking becomes negative and you feel disempowered.

Does that mean, one should not ask for more and remain satisfied with what one has? Absolutely no, have your wants, desires and dreams clear and make goals and plans to achieve those but do not feel attached to results, feel grateful if you have received even minimal results instead of focusing on not achieving the desired results. If you are focusing on not achieving the desired results that means you are focusing on the lack which is not what abundance thinking tells. Instead of thinking about "should have" or "would have", which smells of failure and lack, the mindset should be more about "I want" while being thankful for what you have.

If you are an abundance thinker, you do not feel as if somebody can leave you behind or somebody can snatch an opportunity from you rather your mindset states, that if you share what you have you are opening more opportunities. If you are in business, you will welcome competition considering it as an opportunity to provide better and more valuable services to your clients. You would be more willing to share your contacts and links considering that connecting more people means creating more opportunities for everybody to grow. Your mindset from "win-lose" changes to "win-win".

People and organizations that are driven by abundance thinking are some of the most thriving companies of the world. For example, Steve Job's, company Apple has revolutionized the music industry with the simple thinking behind it i.e. "the value creation for customer". Amidst high competition in the market, Apple has thrived because it has an underlying mindset of abundance thinking.

How abundance thinking works?

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive of, and believe in, it can achieve."

Our thoughts dictate our lives. Our thoughts can attract good things into our lives, or repel them. Abundance thinking is all about having a positive mindset. When you are in a positive mental state, you are more cheerful, confident, open and friendly with others, while experiencing so, you are more sensitive towards others and opportunities which presents themselves to you. In other words, your positivity attracts more positivity in form of opportunities and people.

In case of scarcity thinking, where your focus is on the lack, your mental state becomes negative and you feel more fear, closed and inhibited, as a result you become insensitive towards opportunities which even if presents themselves to you, you will remain ignorant of them which actually means negativity attracts more negativity.

If you want to become a millionaire and want to attract abundance of money in your life, then start making plans and goals to achieve those. Do not doubt yourself. Think of all possible ways which suits your skills and capacity, to make money. While doing so, do not forget the basic of abundance thinking i.e. do not attach yourself to results, however small money is coming your way is a bonus. Keeping this in mind you will slowly manifest abundance. Similarly, apply the same in any area of life where you want abundance.

My Personal Experience

Yes, earlier I was a mix of scarcity and abundance thinking, but with experiences in life, I have become more of abundance thinker. During my teens, I always felt fearful and had inhibitions about sharing information and knowledge, fearing that somebody else will take advantage of it and I will be left behind. Due to this, my circle of friends was limited and of course my knowledge as well.

With time, I became more positive and became abundance thinker. When I started my job I started with a meagre salary but I was happy with a fact that I am earning rather than sitting idle and I am investing on myself for a bright future. Gradually, I learned more skills and progressed in my career and my salary reached to a point where my one hour salary was four times of my monthly salary of first job.

Currently, though I am not earning a fat salary in comparison to what I was earning before, but my income is gradually increasing with every day and I am happy with a fact that whatever progress I am making, it is a result of my conscious choices and even if I do not get results I am happy with a fact that I am capable and confident of starting anything else and I can easily sustain myself. Also, since I am doing my best and my focus is to create value for my readers and clients I am well assured that money will flow in abundance sooner or later and so I am not worried. Even it if does not flow, I am happy with what I have.

Being an abundance thinker, I do not mind if somebody copies my blog post and use it on his/her site. In fact, I am quite comfortable with it and would feel good about it by thinking that silently and passively I am helping somebody with my skills, copying and distributing will not reduce opportunities in my life in any way. I feel great when I share my contacts and make my friends of different circles meet. I feel, doing this will create opportunities for everybody to grow in some way, may be simply by interacting and sharing thoughts or may be some business or job opportunity.

As far as my wishes are concerned, yes, I want to drive a best car, want to wear the designer clothes, absolutely, not to show off but to experience the creativity of artists and designers. I am absolutely fine if I do not get it as I am already happy with what I have, any wish come true will be a bonus for me.

BTW, the name of my site is also an Abundance Thinkers. I am really motivated by the word abundance; I simply love the idea of abundance because it fills me with positive energy to progress in life. There are so many instances in my life where whatever I desired, it got manifested, and I felt it as a bonus in my life and never attached myself to results. The experiences of my life have taught me that whatever I have got in my life was just apt to my skills, capacity and mental state at that particular point in time. Even if there was a failure at any time, there was some goodness hidden in it which presented itself to me later.
Life has gifted me abundant opportunities to grow in every possible area of life and I am grateful to universe for blessings.

How to become an abundance thinker

Pick up any area of your life like money, career or relationship etc. and see if you are an abundance thinker, if not, what are the reasons which are preventing you from becoming an abundance thinker. Following are some tips which can help you in becoming an abundance thinker:

  1. Do not be impatient
  2. Abundance thinking is not a magic wand, which on whirling would fulfil your wishes overnight, it is a mindset or a way of thinking that you need to develop. It takes time and patience. Start practicing this thinking in every possible area of life and be patient.

  3. Next opportunity
  4. If you have recently lost an opportunity, then instead of feeling sad about it, simply wait for the next opportunity to show up. It is simply a matter of time, next opportunity will definitely present itself to you.

  5. Enhance your desires
  6. Keeping assertive appreciation in mind, work on your desires and wants. Sooner or later you would see them manifested because opportunities are endless in this universe.

    If you are a provider of some service, be assured that there is always some client looking for such service, it is only a matter of time and opportunity. If you have any need, there is always somebody in the world who can fulfil that, it is only a matter of coming across each other.

  7. Do not feel fearful
  8. Do not feel fearful of any person, event or circumstances but simply look for the ways about how you can do your best to get the problem resolved and can get the better results. Do not feel yourself a victim of any circumstance or situation in life rather look for the hidden learning from that event.

    Welcome competitions, instead of feeling beaten by competitors, think how you can provide better value to your clients.

  9. Do not compare
  10. Considering, your uniqueness about upbringing, experiences, skills, capabilities and beliefs, stop comparing yourself with others for each and every small thing. If you really want to compare, compare only your positive qualities.

  11. Be grateful
  12. Based on assertive appreciation, be grateful and thankful for what you already have in your life, anything extra you are getting is simply a bonus for you. Remind this to yourself every day. Prepare a gratitude list, of all the things which you feel grateful about in your life and paste it on the place which you frequently visit, like, on the door of refrigerator, study table, kitchen or your computer desktop.

Think Abundance

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." ~ Wayne Dyer

No matter how much money you have but if you do not have right thinking in place you would feel hollow from inside and would feel insecure and unstable quite often.

Start practising abundance in every area of life, think about your dreams, wishes, wants and desires and makes plans to achieve those. Remember, there is enough for everybody in this universe and you have the power to attract right opportunities which match your skills and mindset.

If you are an abundance thinker, you will feel more inner peace, harmony, happiness and success and will also attract more opportunities and people in your life.

Be an Abundance Thinker.
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