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Personal mindsets and beliefs are the main drivers of individual's thinking. Success and happiness in life depends upon how we think, react or respond to situations. It is all about the level of consciousness in our actions.

Personal growth and development is the only way through which you can bring that awareness and consciousness to your actions. Living a more conscious life enables an individual to face tough situations in life and to experience high level of happiness.

Abundance Thinkers is a site to help you in getting started on your path of personal growth and development. It is for people who are personal growth enthusiasts and want to live with the best of personal potential. Doesn't matter at what stage of life you are, how many failures or setbacks you experienced in past, you can always strive to bring personal growth. The only meaningful goal in life is to strive to live life with the best of personal potential.

If you also share similar thoughts and want to empower yourself with the best of your potential then this site is for YOU. It would surely take you to a new high in your journey of personal growth and development. As the name of the site suggests, it is to help you in changing your mindsets, beliefs which are suboptimal and not working for you.

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This section describes the types of coaching services which I offer to my clients.

Who am I?

I am Seema Bhatnagar, founder of this site, believes in simple philosophy that life offers ample opportunities for us to grow and expand. Living with the best of personal potential empowers us to live a life full of courage, personal freedom and confidence. The true success for an individual is expanding self and achieving excellence in all areas of life.
Professionally, I am a Life Coach for personal development and growth, read more About me. I offer professional life coaching services to individuals who are passionate about their personal growth and want to live the best of their potential.

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