Thank you so much for visiting this page. I am extremely grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to share your precious time. Let me take this as the best ever opportunity to interact with you.

To start with, I am a person who loves freedom beyond its meaning and simply loves the idea of living consciously with the best of personal potential. Life has given me ample opportunities to experience different aspects of life and I am grateful for the abundance and peace in my life.

My Background

Since my childhood, I always loved the idea of helping others to grow and experience something new. Though, I always loved the idea of helping others and seeing them growing but instead of choosing psychology or social work (which are obvious choices) as career I pursued Software enginnering and spent almost 14 years wearing a hat of software professional and worked with some of the well established multi-nationals.

During this period I also got opportunities to live and work for good number of years in different European countries like Switzerland, Italy and United Kingdom. Working with people from various ethnicities has given me a rich experience in all spheres of life and it has made me a culturally sensitive person.

In academics, I am a science graduate with masters in cyber security in and cyber law. To satisfy my interest in humanities pursued masters in Public Administration also.

Exposure in different streams enabled me to have a wider horizon of thinking. I can wear a hat of software professional, a scientist or a philosopher or a social humanist quite comfortably. It gives me a real ease in understanding people quickly. Definitely, this is not a full stop, there are many more hats left to be tried in coming years.

The idea of personal growth and living with the best of personal potential had always motivated me. With that strong thought and motivation, I started my career as a life coach in the year 2010, this is, when I felt that my job as a Project Manager, is not enabling me to live with my personal values and desired freedom. Since then, I am coaching and helping people to live a more conscious life. I simply love my profession, as a life coach, because it helps me to touch people's life to bring more positivity and abundance.

As an Individual

I am an Indian and Hindu by religion. Born and brought up in Delhi, (capital of India, located in Northern part) India. My religion has taught me values of being open towards other religions and be respectful to all, irrespective of differences. Personally I feel, religion doesn't hold any value, it is only the human values which keeps this world connected and peaceful.

Living in my forties now, over the period of years I have consciously worked on and developed my emotional and spiritual quotient to decent levels. In comparison to past, now I am able to connect better with people and enjoy higher degree of cheerfulness, tolerance and acceptance towards others. Overall, I enjoy a joyful and easy disposition.

In past, I had my own type of struggles and hardships in life, fortunately not so harsh. Crossing every hardship has taught me a lesson and made me a better individual.

As an individual, I strongly believe in upholding my personal values of honesty, truthfulness, simplicity and personal freedom. I simply love to connect with growth oriented people, who also believe in living personal values. Love for nature is something deeply ingrained in me and I strictly follow a lifestyle which is healthy for nature.

I am grateful to all those people who were and are part of my life in some or the other way, may be, as a friend, a boss, a peer, a relative, my blog readers or anybody with whom I interacted . They have implicitly helped me to know myself better and I would always remain indebted to them, if opportunity presents, I would feel privileged to serve them.

My Purpose of Life

My purpose of life is to live a highly conscious life upholding my personal values. While on the way to achieve my purpose, I want to spread awareness, encourage and inspire maximum number of people on this planet about living with the best of personal potential. I believe, one life changed can change thousand other lives and this is how our society gets better and evolved. This world and society would surely become a better and peaceful place to live when each one of us would live a purposeful and fulfilled life.

If you also share same thought, please browse through my blog and post your thoughts. Posting comments are disabled on my site, but if you feel strongly about anything, please feel free to drop me an email (abundancethinkers at

To take it forward

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Wishing you abundance and personal success in all spheres of life.